.NET Business Software Platform

A comprehensive suite of the latest technologies and business modules. Based on tools you already know.

Modernize your applications

Give your existing customers the security of continuing to be able to work with your applications over the next 20 years and simplify sales with the modern interface.

Expand your ERP software

Add collaboration and CRM features to your existing ERP software within weeks.

Reduce time and costs

BW2 places a technology and application team at your disposal at no additional cost. They can customize proven and scalable business modules to your needs.

Just like you want it

Realize your applications exactly the way you want them. Reclaim your independence and design your licensed product as you like without restrictions. Your customers do not need any additional software.

Installed locally or from the BW2 Cloud

Your applications can be operated directly by the customer or in our hosting centers. Ideal for multi-site offices, field sales and home offices.